Shrimp and caviar crudités

This is one of the most delicious combinations of caviar and shellfish: they are similar in taste and aroma, delicate, which blend together without one having the upper hand over the other.

Among these, the best match is certainly the raw red shrimp, the Chefs’ favorite. It has a sweet taste, without being nauseating, while its softness welcomes and wraps the caviar in a delightful ecstasy for the palate.

A perfect combination, which can be enriched by delicious burrata cheese or by the presence of an acidic and citrus note, based on one’s creativity!

The Beluga caviar of the Tsars

Beluga In

The Beluga caviar
of the Tsars

starting from 40,00
Siberian Caviar, from the Baeri species


A strong flavor, from the
Siberian sturgeon

starting from 22,80
Oscietra caviar


Sophisticated and elegant
Oscietra caviar

starting from 25,50
Pasteurized caviar


Our pasteurized

starting from 68,50