Potatoes, sour cream and caviar

In order to taste caviar and to appreciate all the nuances that characterize it, there is no need for fancy combinations, on the contrary, we suggest pairing it with neutral foods, capable of fully accentuating its personality.

Potatoes are among the best traditional ingredients that can accompany caviar. They can be boiled, roasted or baked, accompanied by a spoonful of sour cream per portion and, garnished with a good dose of caviar.

The only thing you need to be aware of is that the caviar must be added only a few moments before eating, in order to keep the delicate flavors and its texture intact.
Discover our selection of fine caviar below!

The Beluga caviar of the Tsars

Beluga In

The Beluga caviar
of the Tsars

starting from 40,00
Siberian Caviar, from the Baeri species


A strong flavor, from the
Siberian sturgeon

starting from 22,80
Oscietra caviar


Sophisticated and elegant
Oscietra caviar

starting from 25,50
Pasteurized caviar


Our pasteurized

starting from 68,50