Caviar recipes and tips

Divine, magical and intense, caviar is an extraordinary food. It is capable of transforming the first interest into a real cult, characterized by moments of pure pleasure. It is therefore important to create the right atmosphere, in order to intensify this magical and enlightening encounter that holds something exciting and evocative.

Caviar is the protagonist of the most epic banquets in history, of the most unrestrained gastronomic and romantic follies, of the most radiant joie de vivre. Caviar is perfect when tasted on its own, in its purest form, warmed up on the back of the hand, between the thumb and the forefinger, as tradition dictates, but it can also convey its charm in the most varied recipes, as long as the right combination and dosage are respected.
In this section, we have gathered a series of suggestions for tasting, in order to discover this wonderful product in its most extraordinary facets and in simple combinations.

If our culture of taste, which has been refined in time and history, is the result of cultural factors, elegance and civilization, caviar represents a daily luxury, full of all these values, which we can often rediscover, without guilt, as for every recipe a minimal quantity (from 5 to 10 g) is sufficient.