Silver caviar holder

The items are produced by Franco Lapini, a silverware factory in Florence, a workshop that has been producing luxury silverware since 1963. All items are rigorously handmade respecting the antique working techniques of the 15th century.
 A real collector’s piece for those who want to enrich their table with precious, silver plated and decorated materials.

art.8152 – Steel caviar bowl, hand decorated.

art.1470 – Silver caviar cup, hand decorated. 
The base shows a precious sturgeon, finely chiselled.

art.2549 – Precious silver caviar holder sphere, with Torchion lid, supported by three finely chiselled sturgeons.

art. 2475 – Elegant silver caviar cup, supported by three sturgeons finely chiselled, containing three small cups inside.

Specifiche per i formati 500g e 1Kg

The 500 gr. and 1 kg. size formats are tin packages in which the product matures. For this reason the tin is not air tightly sealed, making it possible for the liquid to seep out naturally.

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