How to make a divine dish of spaghetti, with Caviaro!

Making a simple dish of spaghetti delicious and irresistible is a piece of cake, all you need to do is rely on caviar! A good dose of these extraordinary and precious pearls can astonish our taste buds, but it is necessary to choose the caviar very carefully!

Caviaro is our type of thermalized caviar (also known as pasteurized caviar), particularly suitable for use in cooking, even in recipes where a moderately warm base is required. By virtue of the thermal treatment undergone, at low temperatures, it not only has a very long shelf-life, but also a well-defined consistency, which will remain intact even for the first courses, giving excellent contrasts between different consistencies.

It can also be used to add that final touch to a wide variety of recipes, provided the right combinations and dosages are followed. Unlike other pasteurized caviars, Caviaro is obtained from a selection of caviar of the highest level, deriving from the sturgeon species bred on our farm, with a salting process that is carried out strictly by using the Malossol method. The quality/price ratio is truly exceptional!

Why “Caviaro”?

The name derives from Cristoforo Messiburgo, the famous gastronome of the Este family who in the first half of the 1500s published a recipe where he explained how to preserve caviar, obviously with sturgeon fished from the River Po. Coveted by the best gourmets of that time, pasteurized caviar has kept its excellent reputation and it is still today highly appreciated by chefs.


The roe is medium in size, homogeneous and compact, with very little liquid and bright in appearance. Their membrane is firm and resistant. The taste sensations are earthy, with herbaceous and dried fruit notes.
A food that has acquired over time a magical aura, thanks to its formidable characteristics, which requires a true ritual on our tables, where a place of honor will be reserved for it.

Please remember to touch it as little as possible and treat it with absolute respect, it will bring out the best of itself!  Try it now!