From sturgeon to caviar

The production process

From Sturgeon breeding to precious caviar pearls.
A fascinating life cycle that we follow every day with expertise and passion.

Quality of Life of the Sturgeon

Thirty years of experience

Authentic craftsmanship

Natural Breeding

Caviar, is it simply the result of salting immature sturgeon eggs?

Perhaps not everyone is aware that behind the pleasure of tasting this delicious food lies lengthy and delicate work.

Acipenser srl, a leading company in the fish farming and sturgeon breeding sector, from which Royal Food caviar originates, breeds sturgeons during their complete life cycle, respecting the highest quality standards, with particular attention to the water change and feed, made of selected raw materials.

From eggs to fry to adult females capable of reproducing.
From egg to egg.

Throughout their life, from reproduction, to the larva phase and to the mature female, our sturgeons are constantly monitored to enable complete traceability of the product. The careful and meticulous monitoring also allows us to ensure a high quality of life for these large and delicate freshwater fish throughout their growth.

The right mix for a quality product

From November to April, the sturgeons at the final stage of maturation of the eggs are transferred to the specialized laboratory, where a strictly artisanal process will be carried out, including extraction, salting (using the Malossol technique, i.e. with a reduced salt content, to enhance the authentic taste of a great caviar) and the first packaging. After stabling in cold storage for about two months, in the original tins, the caviar reaches its optimum maturity, its flavor becomes concentrated and exalts the intrinsic characteristics of the different types of sturgeon and is ready to be enjoyed at its best. The quality of caviar is depends from the extracted egg, which must be not yet mature and able to resist the osmotic pressure of salt.

The obsessive monitoring and checking of the entire chain, and the working method based on the experience and wisdom of our experts, allow us to ensure 100% natural freshness, preserving the characteristics and flavor of wild caviar.

Moreover, the right mix between an accurate manual selection and a perfect determination of the maturation level of the eggs, as well as the excellent balance of salting make Royal Food caviar a 100% made in Italy product, safe, unique and unmistakable.


His Highness
“The Sturgeon”

Sturgeons are native to the northern hemisphere, between the thirtieth and seventieth degree of latitude. The fish has a shark-like appearance, its small and protractile mouth is placed ventrally with 4 tactile barbels, which serve to identify food by smell.


The sturgeon is a cartilaginous and boneless fish, it is omnivorous as it feeds on crustaceans and mollusks, phyto and zooplankton. It is a mostly anadromous fish (except for the Siberian sturgeon) that live in freshwater when young and then migrate to the sea when they reach maturity, and in spring they swim up rivers in search of the most suitable breeding areas for spawning.

It is covered with bony shields which cannot be cut even with sharp knives. A female sturgeon can produce hundreds of thousands of eggs, therefore young fry, which in breeding are initially fed with a small live crustacean called Artemia Salina which guarantees the continuity of the species.


A complete breeding cycle

Acipenser breeds sturgeons throughout their complete life cycle, from fertilization to spawning, the birth of fry, the growth of young sturgeons, sexing to separate females, and staging to control the level of sexual maturation and subsequent egg size.

The meat of this fish is extremely rich in nutrients. It is very suitable for infant feeding, as well as for improving internal tissues, the dermis, eyesight, bones, brain activity of adults and the elderly. It is a capsule of life-giving energy, rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and oils essential to human life.
The tough leather when properly tanned is excellent material for leather goods.


The flavor is an almost sweet flavor such as that of crustaceans (shrimp, crab, lobster, mantis shrimp) (ASETRA) or one that evokes a seafood flavor (especially mussels, clams, oysters and sea urchins) (REALE or RUSSO), or aromas that may hint at dried fruit (from hazelnut to walnut).