Technical and customized assistance

Carlo Dalla Rosa

Production process manager

A leading European expert in sturgeon breeding.

He rigorously follows the entire production process of sturgeons, paying great attention to the environment in which they live and applying state-of-the-art technology, so as to always guarantee high-quality caviar with an incomparable taste.

In addition to technical precision, he adds great passion, which allows him to express himself at his best in a business that does not tolerate any sort of frivolity!

Nancy D’Aiuto

Sales Manager

My encounter with caviar was a classic case of love at first sight: overwhelming and irrational“. These feelings come up again and again when Nancy presents her product.

Her daily goal is to promote and explain the quality of the caviar she offers, as well as to demonstrate her commitment to seriousness, integrity and precision in the service.

As a dreamer, she firmly leads her company, always looking for new challenges to be faced with passion and determination.

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